Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wild Salmon Tacos

More salmon from my Omni's fishing trip and another glorious recipe from "Whole Food Nutrition"

I severed the fish with fresh Peach Salsa, napa cabbage, avocados, and a bit of pepper-jack cheese, and some amazing lemon and Garlic Green Beans from the in-laws garden on the side.

Ingredients for the tacos included:
Wild Salmon, lime juice, Mexican seasoning, Tamari Sauce, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, sesame oil. And the fixings mentioned above.

The review? My omni thought they were delicious, the "other omni" (aka my husbands best friend and frequent dinner guest) ranked them up in the top 10, commenting all the flavors were just awesome. Myself?  Having never had fish tacos I thought they were pretty darn amazing.

** GF as long as you use Tamari Wheat Free Sauce and GF tortillas

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  1. oh, yum!!! I want to eat the salmon tacos, the peach salsa AND the garlic lemon string beans! I wish we lived closer to each other so you could cook for me, sister.