Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinner at Dad and Dee's

As I mentioned in my last post of the Red Pepper Pizza, I went to a family dinner at my Dad and Dee's and was asked to bring a vegetarian side dish for all to enjoy. Since the omnis were having BBQ chicken my DH decided the RPP would be a great dish (have I mentioned he is also in love with it? So here are a few pictures to share of the evening

My meal consisted of Quorn Naked Chicken Cutlet, smothered in Momma D's home made BBQ sauce, baked beans, pasta salad, red pepper pizza and watermelon . And all that topped of with Cherry pie made by my lovely step sister Heidi. I ate WAY too much but was very satisfied. AND all the omnis in attendance liked my dish!

My husband and I agreed that when the sauce is made in the original recipe that it is in fact MUCH better. and right back to perfect.

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