Monday, January 13, 2014

Farmers Casserole - Freezer Meal

So Here is the first Freezer Meal recipe I am going to post, I'm not entirely sure how it will taste yet, since I wont be eating them for another 9-10 weeks.

I paid 7.39 for all three pans, but I did have two ingredients and my wonderful Step Sister in law hooked me up with a dozen farm fresh eggs for free.

3 Foil pans = .89
1 30 oz bag frozen hashbrowns = 1.48
3 Cups shredded cheese = 2.89 (I figure it is roughly 1 lb of cheese from a block I spent 5.78 on)
1 small can diced green chilis = Had it already
Diced Ham = 2.13 (I used half of a package of black forest ham that cost 4.25)
1 12 oz can condensed milk = had it already
8 Eggs = Free
Salt and pepper = already had

Total =7.39 I know that isn't going to be the case for everyone but hey, It gives you an idea how cheap it could be. I made 3 small pans too, since there is only the 3 of us so even if I had paid for everything in this trip it would still be pretty dang cheap per meal.

Method: Beat eggs, stir in milk and salt and pepper to taste
In your pan (2 qt for the whole recipe) mix hashbrowns, ham, chilis and cheese, top with egg mixture. Freeze.

**one thing I also didnt factor in is how much my foil and cling wrap costs

I wrapped the whole pan tightly in two layers of plastic wrap, then again in two layers of foil. Labeled with the date, the name and the cooking method.

Upon cooking day: thaw completely and cook 350* for 40 minutes or until the center appears set.
Since I'm using smaller pans I figure I'll begin checking at about 25 minutes.

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