Saturday, June 2, 2012

French Dip

Yes, a tried and true recipe that can be made as many ways as you can get a slab of beef.
Here is our current trend and my hubs FAVORITE hands down since our favorite sandwich shop went out of business.

Chuck Roast, size and actual cut to your choice.
1-2 Containers Johnny's Au Jus (the liquid kind, see I DO buy some things pre-made)
Salt and pepper

Season roast with salt and pepper and lightly sear on all sides in a skillet to lock in flavor and tenderness.
Toss in the ol' crock pot and cover with UN diluted au jus. Cook 8-10 hours on low or less (like 4 or 5? I'm a slower is better gal) on high.

Shred and serve on home made (I used the recipe you can link to there, only cut them into thicker slabs to make a french style rolls, R LOVES Soft buttery bread, and since this meal is ALL about him, there you have it) or store bought buns toasted and spread with a SMALL amount of mayo.

Take out some of the juice from the pot and add equal amounts of hot water and use to dip!

^ That is exactly how my hubs loves, eats, devours it.

I opted for a variation of FUN.

I sauteed up a bit of onion and mushrooms in butter with a splash of red wine. Melted a bit of swiss and a bit of cheddar cheese onto my home made bun and spread with a mayo/horseradish mix.

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