Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daisy Cafe inspired wrap/scramble

Of coarse I only remembered to photograph my own, but the Daisy Cafe has a scrumptious breakfast called Galbrith Quesidillas, or something like that, I made my own version, and of coarse cut the carbs for my omni (P90X) so that's why it made both a wrap and a scramble. This is so so good I plan to eat it tomorrow to, I think it could be worth trying onion and jalapeno but my omni said leave it, it was perfect.

Egg whites, with one whole egg (per person)
Tomato, avocado, pepper-jack cheese (1-2 TBS) juice from half a lime 
salt and pepper to taste
and I used left over oven fries, two-three per person, so not many at all.

Scramble the eggs, and toss all ingredients together or into a wrap.

So amazingly good, I can think of a few things I'd like to add, to make this Vegan, one could scramble up some Tofu or Temph or use just black beans and no cheese. 

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