Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pesto over zucchini noodles

I broke out the spiralizer to make my first take at RAW pasta. OH man this was so so good! It was filling for me just as is, and I feel so energized and clean after eating! Not at all the way most people feel after eating a big bowl of pasta.

First here is my new toy. The spiralizer, SO cool! literally woke Rodney up just to see it.

Now, here is the base for my pasta. Yep that's right a peeled Zucchini. Doesn't get any easier than that. EVERYONE could make fresh pasta and never have to use the excuse "I don't have time."

The spiralizer made the hob of cutting the pasta SO easy. I will admit that is part of the reason dinner went together in less than 5 minutes. Also if you served this with something else (say bread, or what have you) that one zucchini easily made two portions. I, however, ate it all, by myself (well Cole helped, sorta)

Tossed with fresh pesto (see the recipe before this one). Man alive. SO good, SO easy and SO fresh.

The only thing to tell yourself a head of time, is that the zucchini still has a little "crunch" not the ooey gooey texture of over cooked pasta, in fact it is very close to pasta "al dente". I imagine that I will be eating a lot of sauces over zucchini noodles this summer. Great way to get my pasta fix and add in more fresh seasonal veggies!


  1. Wow- this looks like a really refreshing summer meal.

    I'm sure your hubby was ever so pleased to wake up to the thrill of a new spiralizer. :) hee.

  2. When I am rich can I hire you as my chef? Seriously, so delicious looking!

  3. also love the look of this blog! love your font.

  4. Sarah - so refreshing =)
    Sandy - AW thanks so much that is so sweet1 I LOVE to cook, like LOVE LOVE LOVE =)
    T - I imagine you might just get some of this when you are here =)