Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That is the only word to define this amazing piece of machinery.

I watched the ENTIRE DVD video. OOing and AHing the entire time (thank goodness Rodney wasn't home to witness my total geekiness).

This morning I made my first green smoothie in it.. WOW this baby is FAST! I am SO looking forward to making all sorts of new recipes with it.

 I will however remember to post alternatives, for example if I choose to make soup in this I will post the method for "pot" made soup ;) Know that a regular blender can make similar smoothies, soups, sauces etc., they just may need longer blend time and may not get quite as smooth (My Oster actually works pretty great for nut sauces, smoothies and soup).

Another interesting point that was debated on the video (ahem sister) was that if you are a regular at coffee shops or smoothie bars, if you were to calculate how much you spend per week and set it aside in a year or potentially less you could have more than enough money to purchase a VITAMIX of your very own! 

It is also said this one machine can take the place of:
A Jucier
A Blender
A Food Processor/Chopper
An Ice cream maker
A grain grinder
AND it can knead bread.

Making things from 
Dips and Spreads
Fresh Flour
Nut butters

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  1. Sounds like all anybody really needs in life is a Vita-Mix and a pair of shoes, and they're off and running!:)