Monday, January 24, 2011

So a while back, lets go back about a year or 10 months, maybe longer. I was really getting into a groove with my vegetarian eating, in fact I was feeling SO good I was making even more changes and eating primarily Raw Vegan food during the day and cooked foods at night.

** If you are interested in information on Raw Diets (capitalized as it is a lifestyle and forever diet not a fad) there is some really great info out there. This blog however, is my highlight right now. She really explains the benefits of incorporating more Raw foods into your diet (whether at 10% or 95%) and the whole process of digestion and more, in an easy to read and understand kind of way.

Needless to say I was feeling pretty amazing and really seeing the benefits of my dietary choices. Then, we FINALLY conceived (to anyone who has TTC ((tried to conceive)) you know what a stress it can be to try and try and how long a month actually feels). A lot changed my body, my emotions, my diet... There is no denying that I ate like crap, and also forwent my vegetarian lifestyle for some time.

Now 6 months in, it's time to get back to what counts the most. Baby and my health. We have been eating more and more healthful for the past month or so, eating primarily vegetarian again (notice I didn't call myself a vegetarian at this time). But as of last week, I decided it was time for a change, time to get back to doing what counts and feeling amazing, time to form healthy eating habits in our baby, set an example for my life long best friend (husband), and to take care of me, time to eat more Raw.

As a sample of today's menu for example (mind you I eat very often to keep our son happy)

530 am: Vanilla coconut milk yogurt 
630 am: Green smoothie (Kale, soy milk, banana, and frozen mixed fruit ((about a 1/2 cup of the last))
830 am: Kiwi fruit and apple
930 am: Odwalla Superfood - Berries GoMega
1200 pm : salad with tomatoes and a vinaigrette  

All the above are Vegan. Mostly Raw option. I also have a can of vegetarian soup and a bit of left overs, I'm not 100% sure how much I will be eating yet, I'll play it by ear as I evaluate "our" hunger levels. I know I eat a lot more than I did prior to baby, so it's a learning curve again. 

**If/when you start to incorporate more Raw eating into your diet, know there will be some "detox" time if you ate hardly any before and that it may take a week or so for your hunger levels and food consumption to actually balance out to what your body needs.

Tomorrow I am hoping to add some celery and peanut butter as well. I might include a small portion of cooked leftovers for a late afternoon snack depending on how I am feeling and how quickly I eat up and use all this Raw energy! 

I will say right now that after my morning green smoothie I feel AMPED! ready to go and so full of energy (similar to how many feel after coffee except caffeine free and no tummy aches!) It was a crazy energy boost that really hasn't died, or past.

As a toast to us my beloved most amazing, wonderful perfect husband bought us...
wait for it...

If you don't know what a Vita Mix is, you need to google it. I have been DYING for one for .. the past year and he found the best price and ordered me one! It should be here next week! Seriously my poor co-workers wont hear the end of it and green smoothies watch out you are about to get a whole lot better in texture (not that they really really needed it..or so I say now).

Well that's all for now.. 


  1. Oh, I'm positively GREEN with envy!!! A VITAMIX!!! Andy and I are constantly swooning over those miracle makers.

    I can't wait to give yours a try! (Er... I mean... could I perhaps give yours a try next time we're there?) :)

  2. Oh Sarah QVC was having a KILLER deal! (I just checked the Vitamix website and the exact same blender is more expensive eek!). I can't contain my excitement, the guys at work just keep shaking their heads and laughing..

    Of COURSE you are allowed to play with it next time you are here!

  3. So excited for you, I know how long you've been wanting one!(Joe says he would love to have one too- I had no idea!:) Healthy mommy, healthy baby!:)