Monday, January 24, 2011

Another week gone by

Wow, another week, gone. Perhaps since we are now 6 months pregnant it feels like time is just plain flying by!

I didn't really have a menu this week. I asked the man what he wanted, he didn't request much.

Here's what I think it will look like

Friday: French toast - vegan
Saturday: Gluck -omni (I make a portion vegetarian for myself)
Sunday: left over Gluck
Monday: Spaghetti - vegan/vegetarian (depends on if we add cheese)
Tuesday: Tacos/taco salad - vegetarian, omni
Wednesday: Orzo Pilaf - vegan
Thursday: Sandwiches? I don't know yet...

I had virtually everything I needed to make 3 or 4 meals at home with out the store. So all I really needed to buy was supplies for Gluck, tacos and of course fresh veggies and fruit.

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