Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 16th - 20th or so

Well It's Thursday and there for time for me to work on yet another menu. A few things first. 
Our bird had quite the accident this past weekend and between vet visits and monitoring him (he is/will be fine) we ended up eating out one night and just plain not cooking the other. 

I would also like to excuse my poor photo quality. I am taking all these pictures with my cell phone and it just isn't quite as up to snuff as many other bloggers out there.

As far as the menu this coming week, I am not 100% certain if we are having the Orzo Pilaf or grilled cheese tonight so ONE of those are bound to be made next week.

Baked Goods:
Bran muffins with Raisins (from the Joy of Vegan Baking)
Chocolate chip OR peanut butter cookies (also from the Joy of Vegan Baking)

I already bought everything I needed for the above except of course the weekly non-dairy milk.

Sunday: Home made Pasta Alfredo with Home made rolls - vegetarian
Monday: Roasted Brussels sprouts with onion and apple - vegan  (skipped from this week)
                 Served with meat loaf (omni)
Tuesday: open
Wednesday: Tacos - omni, and vegetarian if not vegan
Thursday: Fast and Fabulous French Toast - Vegan (repeat from being skipped last week)

I left a day open to fill with either an outing or something else also neglected from a previous week

A new category, and one that needs a bit more planning these days since I can't seem to get enough to eat.

Lunches and Snacks. Generally I shoot for left overs for lunches but lately even that doesn't seem to be enough (that could be due in part to my portioning so we both learn to eat what we need and no more...)
I am thinking for this week

AM: yogurt and a fruit/green smoothie 
Morning snack: muffin made by me along with some fruit 
Lunch: left overs
Afternoon snack: Perhaps I will whip up some  "Better Than Tuna Salad" and pitas and serve with some veggies..

Of course dinner is covered above. I love the idea of full on menu planning for the entire day and to be honest before we were pregnant I followed it religiously, somehow, however, now that it really counts to have great nutrition I have allowed this to slip. Time to get back on the wagon.

Grocery List:
Non Dairy Milk                                                     Carrots                            Chickpeas
Yogurt                                                                    Celery                              Loaf Sourdough
Cheese (cheddar and Parmesan)                        Broccoli                           Ritz crackers
Cream                                                                     Cauliflower                     Water
Egg-less mayo                                                       Tomato                            Juice
                                                                                 Lettuce                           Soda

No I am bound to try to talk my other half to tag along which means many things not on this list are likely to find their way into my cart.


  1. Brussels sprouts with onion and apple sounds so good! I've never tried adding anything to Brussels sprouts before except Mayonnaise.

  2. That is a commendable grocery list! so healthy and yummy and affordable too. You do great, sis. Shop for me anytime. Oh. What's that? I need a list first? oh. right. :)

    Ohhhh - sourdough loaf! I'm craving good sourdough from home. I've given up on buying it here for awhile - it just isn't the same. Hey! A mother's Day gift! Send me a couple loaves of pacific sourdough!!! :)

  3. Thanks mom! I ended up being heartbroken, as of this morning the sprouts didn't look too good. they met Mr. Dumpster *frown*

    Tiff I would love too! I love to grocery shop (well until check out) hehe. I will do that. And maybe if I can master the procedure I can figure out how to bake some and send it to you!