Monday, December 27, 2010

Amy's Organic Kitchen Breakfast Burrito

Well, as my wonderful was busy snowmobiling yesterday, I hadn't really made anything for lunches for us today. So as I went out the door this morning with my smoothie in hand I decided I had better grab a few Amy's Organic Kitchen products to get me through today.

So at first break I indulged in a DAIRY FREE Breakfast burrito
Organic Whole wheat tortilla
Organic Tofu (made by Amy's)
Organic Tomato and Tomato Puree
Organic Potatoes
Organic Black beans
Organic Onions
Safflower/sunflower oil
Organic bell peppers
sea salt
Organic Garlic
Organic JalapeƱos

Phew! That was a lot of "organic" to type! Being vegan it is wonderfully cholesterol free! A bit high in sodium but baby seems to be craving salt these days. And has 11 grams of protein!

It. was. amazing. 

Tofu may scare you but my boss (grew up on a dairy farm loves his meat) thought it was "WOW, really really good!" He didn't even notice the tofu (that actually makes two of us). I thought me, little miss cheese freak would miss the cheese but nope. Not. One. bit.

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