Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morning Star Farms Riblets

So this is more of a "review" than a "how to"

Since the man ate Ribs I wanted something similar but meatless. So I decided to give the MSF Veggie Riblets a go, which ended up being perfect since it satisfied my desire to eat Vegan last night as well.

They were easy enough to cook, the sauce was KILLER, and all in all they weren't too bad, I wasn't totally into the texture but I wasn't against it either. Considering I have never had real ribs I think they would do the trick! 

The Husband thought they were good too, more like a cross between smoked fish and BBQ Chicken, but good.

I imagine I would like them more on the grill which is where I prefer most of my Faux meat products.

All in all if you feel like spending the $4.00 or so that they cost, they are certainly worth the try.

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