Monday, November 8, 2010

Here comes Monday again!

And boy am I sitting here scratching my head to where LAST week went!

Sunday: Baked Farfalle with Tomato Basil (sorry no picture!)

Monday: Lemon Garlic chicken (curtsey's of Jessica) (slow cooker)

Tuesday: Slow cooked Ribs (Morningstar Farms riblets for me) (slow cooker)

Wednesday: Pepperocini Beef sandwiches (slow cooker)

Thursday: Chili (vegetarian style, since we can't seem to ever make this!) (slow cooker)

Noticing a trend (slow cooker)?


  1. dude - i'm gonna have to start using these slow cooker recipes.... esp being fall... and it'll certainly help the come home from work-cook dinner-play with baby-bate baby-bed baby-clean up routine once I'm back at it. :)

  2. You really should sister! It makes life SO easy, I get up about 10-15 minutes earlier if I have to do any "pre-cooking" usually about 5 minutes earlier for just a "toss in the pot" approach. It is a HUGE help.