Monday, November 1, 2010

Another week gone by

And boy was I sitting scratching my head Saturday trying to put together a menu without a week to think about it.. I love menu planning and usually find it easy, except when nothing sounds good, I have to get the the store and the hubby has ZERO requests.

Well I decided on an interesting menu for me, I planned 2 recipes I hadn't tried before. Also changing up the style of cooking on the chili to make it less work for me *grin*.

Sunday: tomato bisque with grilled cheese

Monday: Apple Thyme Pork chops (crock pot)

Tuesday: Chili (crock pot) with corn bread 

Wednesday: Zesty "Chicken" and spuds (meat free and meat-ed)

Thursday: baked "ziti" pasta

At least I think that is what the plan is anyhow.. We'll see as the week progress'. 

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  1. So last night I made your Focaccia bread! I love love it! I will have to see what the husband says about it after work! Oh and yesterday lunch was on your hoggie rec. I have really enjoyed making some of the items on your menu! Thanks for sharing