Monday, October 25, 2010

This week

Ah another week gone by

This weeks menu is pretty basic.

Sunday: Marlboro man Samis on home made bread. Mine was of course meatless

Monday: Mushroom Stroganoff: slow cooker variety

Tuesday: "Chicken" Cacciatore Slow cooker variety

Wednesday: Tater-tot casserole

Thursday: .. Uh oh! I am drawing a blank! I can't remember and my list is at home.

As you can see I am gearing up for lots of slow cooker meals.For one it makes dinner a breeze, just make a side dish and VoilĂ , next it has dinner ready or just about ready when I get home from work, which is a tremendous help these days.


  1. That, my dear, is pregnancy brain. :)

    Get used to it.

    xoxo (big smiles)

  2. Yeah, slow cookers are so wonderful! (And that from someone who doesn't even cook anymore:) Mushroom Stroganoff sounds fabulous!

  3. thanks momma! I love the crock pot, it saves me SO MUCH TIME! Considering I am usually famished when i get home it's wonderful to have everything virtually made, the nice thing is also that virtually anything can be made in the crock pot. Once it gets a little colder I am going to play around with soups and stews (or cheat and use the dry mixes in the bulk section of the co-op. Come home and eat! As for the stroganoff you can check out my review on it's page. I think we like my normal version (the seasoning packet) a little better