Thursday, September 9, 2010

No beef dip, and "Marlboro man" sandwiches

Okay, I must admit I stole my sisters idea to make "Marlboro man sandwiches" (veg*ns beware that link will show you meat).  I, of course, had to tweak the recipe as usual, and couldn't be bothered with ready made buns.

I also thought this was a "perfect" recipe to vegan-ize. Boy was I right. The only thing I will warn a head of time is that it isn't a very "healthy recipe", or really at all, very high in sodium and high in fat ("butter" fat). The vegan recipe will be first and the omni towards the bottom.

Now let's begin with the Hoagies, cause I must admit these hoagies were exceptional. Wickedly delicious might be a better term in all honesty. Time consuming? Yes, I'll admit a little, but so, so worth it.

Should make about 4 rolls (forgot to measure)
1 hour of rise time
20-30 minutes bake time
Mixing time depends on you

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour (unbleached, we never use bleached flour and neither should you)
1 cup warm water (80* F for the bread machine and 100-110*F for hand mixed)
1 tsp salt
1 tbs sugar
1 1/2 tsp active yeast
For the glaze I used olive oil, but omnis or lacto-ovo vegetarians could use an egg beaten.

I cheated and used my bread machine but this could easily be mixed with a stand mixer (using a dough hook) or by hand. I will include both the stand and hand mixer directions at the bottom.

put water, flour, salt, sugar and yeast into the bread machine following the order specified by manufacturer. Select dough setting and allow to mix. Mean while preheat your oven to 170* F.

My dough setting was taking WAY too long, so once mixed thoroughly I turned the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and kneaded a few times (mine was too sticky so i kneaded in some more flour).

Place into an oiled bowl and turn to coat with oil (this prevents the dough from drying out which will prevent it from rising) Cover tightly with plastic and place into the oven (turn the oven off once you place the dough in there) for 30 minutes or until it has doubled in bulk. (I know, I know i forgot to take a picture AGAIN of the risen dough).

Once doubled remove from oven (preheat again to 170* F) and turn out onto a VERY lightly floured surface. Punch the dough down a few times to release gas and then cut into 4 sections. Roll each section into a tight log slightly tapering the ends. make slashes in the dough with a sharp knife (if you want). Place onto a cookie sheet and place back into the oven (again turning it off now). Cover with plastic and allow to rise another 20-30 minutes.

Once this last rise/resting period is complete. remove from oven (carefully). Now preheat to 375* Mix your glaze and carefully brush on what ever you are using for glaze. bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until just turning golden brown.

* Note, remember to give the baguettes room to grow in the last rise. I did not and mine grew together, when i pulled them apart they flattened out quite a bit and as a result,  weren't as fluffy as I think they should have been.

No Beef dip - styled after the "MMS"
about 5-6 cremini mushrooms sliced 
about 1/5 of an onion sliced into strips
1/4 of green pepper sliced into strips
Worcestershire sauce (anchovy free)
dash of soy sauce
hot sauce
seasoning salts
Earth balance (I use soy free)

Melt about 1-2 spoon fulls of the earth Balance (EB) in a small skillet, add onions and peppers and "caramelize".
Remove onions and peppers from heat and add more butter and the mushrooms, sprinkle with seasoning salt. Sauté until almost fully cooked, cover with about 1/8-1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce and a dash of soy. The goal is to make a "sauce" with the EB, soy, and W sauce. Add in a few drops of hot sauce (or as much as you like the taste of.)

In a separate skillet spread a little EB on a slice hoagie and "toast" 

Top with mushroom mix and slice and enjoy! 

This sandwich tasted so much like a beef dip without the actual beef or beef flavor (does that make sense? lol). It was pure heaven. Eaten on a hoagie fresh from the oven I am sure shot the flavor through the roof, and of course both me and DH thought this was KILLER.

Below you will see his was cooked almost identical except with dairy butter and the use of cube steak.


Mixing the Dough by hand or stand mixer. The only thing I would change when mixing the dough by hand is proofing the yeast.
Take your 1 cup hot water (100-110* F) and stir in sugar, then yeast to dissolve. Allow to set for 5 minutes  (you can cover with cellophane to keep warm). the mixture should get a little foamy, if it does not toss out and start again. 
Add the yeast/water/sugar mixture to the flour and proceed to mix.

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