Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another week gone by

Well as far as work weeks go for me that is. Time again to plan another menu. 

Saturday: BBQ with friends on my home made buns- omni, vegetarian

Sunday: Gluck, omni, vegetarian
ugly name tasty dish. The main one will be omni (for the DH as it's his desire, his recipe and probably his         cooking) I plan to make a much smaller one for me and it will be at the least vegetarian (blasted cheese) possibly even vegan

Monday: Burritos/tacos with left over chipotle cashew cream (if it freezes well) - vegetarian

Tuesday: Pasta with veggies - vegetarian/vegan, haven't decided yet if it will be mac and cheese (aka arty clogger) or a vegan cream sauce

Wednesday: Chili - vegan

Thursday: I'm thinking roasted vegetable sandwiches on home baked focaccia bread - vegan MAYBE vegetarian

Shopping list

Produce                                 Other                                              Omni
1 bag potatoes                   All purpose flour                              Bacon
3 tomatoes                          3 cans spinach                               Burger
1-2 Zucchini                        1 Block cheese                               Milk
1 head broccoli                   Eggs
2 carrots                              soda
Lettuce                                1 can cream of cheddar soup
1 pepper?                            possibly a package of fries

Here's the plan and list for now at least. I seem to be a hint indecisive this week, hopefully it doesn't last all weekend and week (snicker).                       


  1. For this next week, Tuesday and Thursday look like my favorites! You are so organized and well planned, it puts me to shame!

  2. haha thanks momma! It's all been changed though. Our friends didn't come over until last night, so move everything back one day and remove chili. THEN R is going to class tonight so move Thursday to tonight and Gluck to Thursday ;)
    Guess it's still pretty organized though..