Monday, October 11, 2010

Back from the .. dark

My beloved is back on days, now it's time to re-focus and get in the groove.

Unfortunately I forgot all about it until yesterday as I was getting ready to hit the grocer (oops)..

So I quickly came up with a quick 3 day menu and allowed room for creative usage of stuff left over for the fourth (which really means begging to be taken out, lol..) Well one prayer has perhaps be answered both of us have been exposed to Mexican today already and apparently both are DYING for it, so it sounds like tonight I might get one more night off to indulge *huge grin*

As for the remainder of the week here's what I'm thinking (and oh boy does it sound unhealthy)

Tuesday: "man night" meaning Quorn cutlet for me, with garlic mashed spuds, gravy, mini french breads and steamed veggies

Wednesday: Vegetable Lasagna - homemade with red sauce and again mini french bread

Thursday: Home made alfredo on home made noodles with mini french breads and steamed veggies.

Full of fat and cholesterol but sounds good to me! 

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