Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot Pickles

Rodney and I canned 23 pint sized jars of 'hot pickles'.  This is my boss' wife's recipe.

3 quarts water
1 quart distilled white vinegar
1 cup pickling salt
bring to boil and keep hot

her recipe says "add to each quart jar" - but we used pints - I'll still post what she does
1/4 tsp ALUM
1 garlic clove
1 "flower" of dill
cucumber chips or slices

To make these pickles hot, add 1 jalepeno sliced in half.
Add boiling liquid and put on lids, they will seal as they cool.  (The lid will pop down and no longer indent.)  If they don't, dump the liquid and add new.

Wait three months and enjoy!  Rodney is dreaming about them already!  (They are so so good, a jar hardly lasts a day or two let alone a week.)  So, with his voracious desire for them - we both think we'd better do 23-24 quarts more. haha

Next stop... tomatoes!

Okay my beloved just couldn't wait for them to finish curring and has already eaten 4 jars! Definitely a hit here


  1. You guys rock! That's a lot of pickles:)

  2. We need to make some more too.. So we were also thinking that soon we need to do some peaches (do you get yours at Boxx?) like yours and tomatos... i see a lot of long nights canning a head for us two, at least he wants to do it with me which makes it even MORE fun and special!