Monday, August 23, 2010

This weeks menu

Ah Monday, such a great day of the week. First of all because it means I survived the weekend and get to start anew. Second because of the new menu and usually new meal ideas.

Menu planning is a great way for people who work full time to save money and time and not stress about the age old "what's for dinner". There are some great links and sites out there on the Web that explain how having a menu can help you save money, and how to get started. I will, however, share some of my views. Having a menu for me means also having to have a "list" of what to get at the grocer/farmers market. This way I can get everything I need and hit the stores only once (I say "stores" as we are trying to get much of our produce from the local Farmers Market) and usually helps cut back on produce waste or unnecessary purchases. I save time, money and my sanity by not having to run to the store for the "Oh crude I forgot _____" moments. Secondly they allow my Husband to evaluate what is on them and make his requests for what types of meat he may want since he is the only one to eat it. I know when I wake up every morning if I need to take something out of the freezer or etc, taking the stress of me the night before and morning of.

If you are new to the idea of menus it can take some time to get used to but I find it a very fun part of my week and love the "list" method of shopping.

This weeks menu is pretty basic, some regulars for my beloved and surprisingly he is getting more meat this week than the usual, usual is about 2 times per week. my husband has no desire at this point in his life to follow my choice to eat a meatless diet, he has however cut back dramatically and says it's possible since everything I cook is "usually really good." Which goes to show that yes Omni's, vegetarian food is pretty darn tasty ;)

Sunday, we were spoiled by my very good friend Alpha who brought over a Spinach and White sauce vegetarian lasagna. It was delicious! I made the boys (her husband wanted some meat) Chorizo and eggs, the lack of photography astounds even myself.

Monday - Kabobs, vegetarian and Omni style
Tuesday - Red pepper Pizza
Wednesday - French dip (with home cooked roast) and for me Tofurkey style french dip
Thursday - Zucchini tomato "gratin"

I plan my menus for our work week including Sunday and then for Friday and Saturday we use either anything remaining or treat ourselves to dinner out.

For informational purposes it may be necessary to note that whenever we "BBQ" it is always on charcoal.


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