Thursday, May 26, 2016

Test Menu!

Know what I love? Like LOVE? Besides my family of course? I LOVE to cook - literally I can be in the worst mood ever and throw me into a kitchen and there is my happy place -

Yep you will see Mister I Am 2 is "helping" me with my apples and still it was a blast! Now that I snacked and tasted everything though I am not terribly hungry ha!

Either way - want to meal prep? you should head on over and check them out! SO worth it!

I also got to play with my new Tupperware toy and refill all my freezer containers so count today a WIN!

A long while back I am sure I posted some about Once A Month Meals, it really is an amazing web page with wonderful people working behind the scenes. In an effort to "reclaim my happy" I reached out to the team to ask if I could BEG for a new test menu! It paid off! I had one within a few days and today was AMAZING fun!

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