Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meal Mentor

So I decided to try a meal planning service. It's offered by Happy Herbivore  which is perfect for me since I am trying to stay Plant based... Let me re- phrase that. I AM mostly plant based I just make a few changes on occasion like eggs.
ANYHOW. After doing my reset I decided that the facts just point to me doing better on less or no animal protein, and my hunt led me to Happy Herbi, where I tried some of her recipes and FELL IN LOVE. She mentioned offering a meal plan, WFPB (whole foods plant based) so limited nuts and soy. You can kinda customize it from there. I jumped in and boy week one has been a blast!
I made a family menu from a few weeks back, first there was too much food, for us. I disclaim that cause some people probably eat a lot more quantity than us, but I have a houseful of grazers. The plan says it will feed a family of 4. For R and I we found that we got 5-6 meals out of each one, this isn't a problem as all the

There, in about 3 hours (with two kiddos underfoot) I nailed all the prep (even brown rice!) It flew by and was super fun.
Seriously. I spent $137 for the week, and let's be honest that included extras for the other 3 people in the house.

Hawaii 5-0 Quinoa Bowl

Asian Pasta Salad - one with buffalo sauce, one without

Brownie batter overnight oats with local strawberries

Enchilada Pasta Bowl

"Meat" ball Subs

BBQ Lentil Sloppy Joes

Indian Spiced Potatoes and Peppers

Mexican Potato

Smashed Avocado and White bean sami

The only thing my husband wasn't crazy about. Literally THE ONLY THING, was the Indian spiced potatoes, he isn't wild about anything with INdian Flare, sigh. but he tried it! He even said teh flavor wasn't awful but he wasn't having it. My 15 month old? He DEVOURED IT. In fact the only thing he didn't like was the Avo White Bean samis, and he isn't much of a bread kid.

So if you want life simpliefied and to be Whole Foods Plant Based. Head over to Meal Mentor and at least download your free three day menu. I am in hog heaven (well without the hog) and loving it. I have lost another 2 lbs from this plan! 

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