Monday, August 29, 2011

A new deal

So as some of you know I have a decidedly strong desire to eat vegetarian, for over a year and the majority of my pregnancy I did just that. Eating mostly RAW vegan during the day.

I felt amazing, had tons of energy and the weight was melting off.

Well for reasons I wish not to post publicly, I lost my way. Now my beloved omni is going to start P90X, and I to plan to get this c-sectioned baby body back into shape, so needless to say after this week there will be a make over in our menus.

As I am nursing and plan to revert to my gloriously meat free ways there will be carbs, plus I am not of the mentality that all carbs are evil, and my omni has issues with food, meaning, he "eats for flavor and ease, cause I freakin' hate eating."

So in short ( or long?) after this week you'll see a change, a lifestyle change. Why wait a week you ask?
Well here it is. We used to be one two incomes and now are on one, we used to own one home and now have two. We used to be two and now are three. SO I am not tossing out the inappropriate food. I'm using it.


  1. Excellent choice, to use the food up and then switch diet -- gives you time to plan anyhow!

    Csectioned bodies are quite a chore to recoup, aren't they? Took my little body a full year - yes, a full year - to get back into my reg sized clothes. I didn't think it would happen. You, my dear, have far more discipline than I and will be back in no time. xoxo

  2. It all takes some getting used to but you can do it. We went from me working to not and it took some adjusting at first but so doable. I try really hard to buy Costco bulk and only go to the story every 2 weeks keeps the waste down because we eat until it is about time to go again. Save a ton of money on fruits and veggies but buying at Costco or the Green Barn in Lynden. Love the blog girl and am always up for a walking buddy or whatever.

  3. Thanks Amanda! have you tried young stocks? I tend to think their selection and prices are better than costco