Sunday, July 10, 2011



Well, hopefully at least, haha.

Back to menu planning. My beloved Omni has requested that I put meat back on the menu at least twice a week and then leave a day on the weekend for grilling, at least a day, for now at least. I feel the least I can do since he alone is paying all the bills is give the man what he wants.

Here is what this work week looks like. Yep you read that correctly, I am only planning Monday - Thursday right now, then on Friday I will ask the man what he wants to cook for the weekend. I can tell you that for the next two Saturdays we have things planned (a family event here and a family event in Longview).

SO to my VEGETARIAN and VEGAN followers I am sorry you will be seeing meat sprout up more here, Please feel free to let me know if you veganize anything so we can try it as well. And to all my OMNIVOROUS followers, I'm sure you're thinking "about time" *grin*

Without Further ado

Monday: Sweet and Sour Pork

Tuesday: Lasagna, well at least I HAD planned lasagna, when I went to the store, I could get 4 bags of noodles for just over the price of one package of lasagna noodles, needless to say unless I make some, we're having a lasagna inspired pasta dish.

Wednesday: Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Thursday: Pancakes ( vegan, I believe I have already posted)

AS for veggies, I am hoping to raid my in law's garden.

What's on your menu this week?

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