Monday, April 4, 2011

This week

Just for an example R and my crazy busy week before he heads to night shift.

Sunday night: we snacked, on Jalapeño Poppers, and something delicious and Greg and Heidi's of which I will have to get more of.

Monday night: Quizno's most likely, we have to go to town to pay for my new car, and pick up the last shipment of dog food I have coming in for the week (yes pretty much a "make" your own deal), and hit the grocery store for lunch supplies.

Tuesday night: meet the old owner of my new car to do the title swap, go to the last snowmobiling meeting for the year.

Wednesday night: Chihuahua's Mexican restaurant in Ferndale (Y-U-M) and take/ meet R's mother there.

Thursday night: our last night together most likely until I am in labor, and I honestly think we had something to do this night as well.

PHEW! Busy week, but I will be cooking loads of vegan goodies since my beloved Omni will be on nights and most likely not eating very well (you know appetite get's messed up to go with the sleep schedule) so I will be able to try some things he wouldn't necessarily want to, or rather that I'm not sure I would want him to until I have *wink*

I will be researching some great OMAC (once a month cooking) type recipes that I can prepare and freeze beginning of May in preparation for our son.

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  1. Yeah, you're back! Hmm, your next meal menus may be more about a white liquid diet for your newest family member