Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Breakfast with the Folks

So we spent Christmas morning with my mom and step father Joe. 
The took care of all of breakfast! 

We had Whole wheat waffles covered in toppings of your choosing.
Egg whites, scrambled
Scrambled cheese topped eggs
and they had sausage.

I had mine with a lovely non alcoholic Sparkling Cider 
Now baby and I, okay mostly me, aren't much of a "fluff" person as my husbands best-friend loves to call it. Meaning we aren't much into "traditional" breakfast fair. I will however eat waffles smothered in peanut butter (which was a no go due to my mothers terrible allergy) or applesauce. 

As you can see a bit of applesauce and fresh fruit made it perfect for me

My beloved husband however LOVES "fluff". So he had his smothered with Butter, syrup and bananas.

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