Monday, September 6, 2010

Egg Sandwich

This morning I had a great desire for an egg sandwich. before going vegetarian I ate these almost every morning but since the change in eating style I have had maybe 2 in 6 months.
This morning was so good I thought that I had better share for all of you to enjoy.

2 slices toast (i used my DH's "white" which is really whole wheat)
2-3 slice tomato
1 cremini mushroom diced
1 clove garlic diced
a small amount of onion diced
1 yellow potato diced
1 egg (free range and hormone free)
vegan mayo
cheese *optional*

wash and stab potato, wrap in paper towel and "bake" in the microwave until it starts getting soft

Dice veggies (not tomato) and along with the potatoes, toss with oil (grapeseed this morning)
In a medium skillet saute until soft

Toast bread in the toaster

Layer one side of toast with cheese and place in the oven under the broiler to melt. Layer the other side with a small amount of mayo and horseradish.

Crack egg and fry up with a little pepper and sea salt.

layer tomato, cooked potatoes and egg and put the sandwich together. Slice and enjoy!

This is not a "low" fat recipe or low cholesterol but a tasty way to enjoy eggs if they are in your eating plan.

**this could be made vegan by subbing tofu for egg and either no cheese or vegan cheese


  1. Oooh- delish. Egg sandwiches are my great weakness, but I am usually too lazy first thing in the morning to make them. Maybe I should make them for lunch or dinner instead.....? Hmmm....

  2. That's a good idea. I love them any time of day (well when I am eating eggs that is) I used to make the potato (by baking it) the night before then toss with whatever else in the morning...