Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another French Dip or Roast

Okay I know I know AGAIN

I haven't been allowed to deviate from this.

1 Chuck Roast
1 16 oz jar Garlic and Dill Pepperocinis (standard ones if you like less kick)
2 Johnny's au jus packets.

Potatoes, peeled and cut

Salt and pepper the meat, toss everything into crock pot (yes the entire contents of the jar, juice and all)

Cook all day. Then EAT. As a roast, as a sandwich, whatever you want.

When I make sandwiches I like the cut up some of the peppers and smush the garlic onto the bread, then dip away with the sauce (which of coarse can be watered down to taste)

The potatoes are AMAZING, salty and crazy good. I make this probably twice a month cause the hubs ADORES it.

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