Sunday, September 30, 2012

A note about menus

I know, I'm a slacker, to top that off we are working on some serious re-arranging of our lives, especially with budget. SO here is the disclaimer to seeing more "semi" home made recipes that feature a lot of cheap ingredients.

For instance the cream of soups I'm using I only paid $1 for.

No this is not how I would ideally feed my family, yes this is certainly going to change, but everyone at some point is bound to need some "pantry style" meals as well as some seriously budget friendly ones.

The Cheesy Noodles and Tuna I just made was silly cheap. The Tuna was .69, the soup 1, the ramen .25 each packet, and the fresh produce came to somewhere around 1.50 for the meal. Figure in the cheese and milk which was the most expensive part and I figured  we easily came in under $6 for the ENTIRE meal, which easily would have fed 4+ people.

Anyhow, you will see delicious home made much more healthy recipes as well, I just wanted to put it out there the "why for" I'm using pre-packaged totally over processed foods.

You're bound to see a lot more vegetarian meals making their way to the forefront again, as we are hoping to seriously get re-focused and back on track with healthy eating.

Anyhow I'm off, see you round soon.

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