Monday, January 30, 2012

Mushroom and Greens Skillet

Heaven in a skillet, plate or anywhere really. So good, So fast so FLAVORED! I WILL be making this again, and probably again and again.

Spinach or other green
Mushrooms, quartered (amount to your liking)
1-2 TBS lemon juice
1-2 Tsp Dijon Mustard
Dash of salt.

Mix the last 3 ingredients in a bowl. Pour into a skillet and make sure it covers the whole thing. Toss in greens and mushrooms, and cook until wilted. Enjoy hot!


  1. So good with the addition of the honey dijon. I'm not usually a huge fan of greens, but these were delicious!

  2. This looks/sounds fabulous! I must try it soon!!!! :) I recently tried a portobello/kale skillet dish but it called for nutmeg, I believe. It was awful! The nutmeg was just NOT the right flavoring for it... It would have been much better without it. I am anxious to try this though!