Friday, April 8, 2011

Avocado Sandwich

I didn't make it, but I will be in the future. Count on it.

Apologizing a head of time for the picture. This hungry preggo lady was stuffing it into her face, while mobile..

Anyhow, it came from our local co-op, I'm not certain I have expressed just how much I ADORE this store. Gluten free? No problem. Vegan? No problem. They have everything and anything, and usually I can do just about 100% of my shopping there, they really don't seem to be much more if any more expensive than say Haggen's for the majority of things and many of the "specialty items" are even cheaper.

Okay back to the deliciousness that was this sami. It featured
Locally made bread (read: Avenue Bread) Avocado mashed up with a bit of salt and pepper, thick sliced beefsteak tomatoes, fresh sprouts, lettuce and a delicious sauce made from Veganaise and Dijon Mustard. Oh and a dash of lemon pepper. Y-U-M, and talk about simple.

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