Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cherry Vanilla Green Smoothie

There may come a day (read: now) where I get stuck on a certain smoothie for a while. Just a warning *grin*

measurements are HIGHLY estimated, I season, add, you name it to taste, following a recipe "exactly" seems to be something I can't do.

1 Cup Vanilla Coconut Milk (GF)
1 medium Banana, peeled
1 cup Frozen Pitted Sweet Dark Cherries
about 6 slices of Frozen Peaches
2 portion cups (equaling one full serving) Wheat Grass Juice (GF)

OH-MY-GOLLY, Miss Molly, and all that. THIS was the smoothie of the ... year. I was so nervous about a "cherry" smoothie but man alive Y-U-M! In fact  I think I might try a sip pre-peaches tomorrow as I'm not sure they really added anything for me.


  1. You need to make one for your dad. He loves cherries!:)

  2. Well then that is certainly something I will have to do!