Thursday, August 26, 2010

Next weeks menu

Ah another week gone by already? How time seems to fly.
In all honesty i am having a little trouble deciding on the menu. There are so many new things that I want to try and so many old favorites that I am craving to eat again.

Sunday: Grill night, burger style
Monday: Red pepper Pizza ( Husbands request)
Tuesday: Enchiladas
Wednesday: Shepherds Pie
Thursday: Squash filled Raviolini

In all honesty I'm not sure Thursday will end up happening but I am sure we will have some pasta none the less.

My Shopping list looks like this
Produce:                                                                    Other
Tomato (2)                                                               Crackers
Zucchini (3)                                                               Hummus
Bell Peppers (5)                                                        Raw Cashews
Celery (1 bunch)                                                       Tortillas
Onion (2)                                                                  active yeast
Garlic (1)                                                                  Olive Oil
Fruit                                                                          Enchilada sauce
*Chipotle peppers                                                    

Not a big list this week which should keep all parties involved happy. Although a few more items may sneak on there per the husband or based on what we are use up this weekend before shopping day


  1. wow. that looks so delicious! my menu this last week was:
    hot dogs & chips (camping)
    trader joe's pre-cooked chicken w/ mandarin sauce
    pasta w/ shredded cheese & cherry tomatoes
    fish burgers (frozen - heat and serve)
    scrambled eggs & toast

  2. That sounds great siser, thank you SO much for shring. I hope you can do it every week.. Hope you have a blast camping!